K9 Gentle Dental

K9 Gentle Dental is a noted name in professional veterinary dental cleaning services that specialises in caring for dogs’ oral health without practicing ‘Anesthesia’. They believe every dog deserves a healthy and happy smile, and they are dedicated to making that a reality.

However, despite being backed with state-of-the-art equipment and an academically organised expert vet team, the brand had been facing tough challenges in establishing a solid rank in the market. We’re proud to say that we helped them achieve this significant position in the industry. After teaming up with us, they’re shining with some impressive results.

K9gentledental.ca is now a reputed and leading brands with impressive online traffic and ranking well for trendy 1,952 keywords.


  • Challenge 1 – K9 Gentle Dental was struggling with low DA, trust flow, zero backlinks, and no rankings.

  • Challenge 2 – Shortlisting the promininet keywords relevant to their niche with low to moderate search volume.

  • Challenge 3 – Leads acquisition, Organic traffic, Listing “K9 Gentle Dental” on SERP’s first page for Canada Region.

  • Challenge 4 – Low conversion rate, Zero brand marketing, drive high quality, positive client reviews.


  • Solution 1 – After Glocify took charge of the digital marketing campaign of the K9 Gentle Dental, the brand was able to achieve a 10K organic traffic growth in just 2 months and an 77.24 percent increase in ad clicks.

  • Solution 2 – Conducted thorough local research to find their local & global competitors, marketing strategies, and client outreach techniques.

  • Solution 3 – Did keyword research to find keywords with moderate search volume, worked on them to drive traffic and made the website rank on those keywords.

  • Solution 4 – The website’s overall performance, including metadata, image size, alt text, and site speed, was optimized to enhance user experience and decrease load time.

  • Solution 5 – Curated high-quality content on trending topics to drive quality traffic to their website.

  • Solution 6 – The website’s overall performance and ranking were enhanced by building backlinks from a variety of highly authoritative websites using different backlinking techniques.


Our team dedicated full effort to this project, resulting in the keywords ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Please see the attached screenshot for reference.
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Now K9 Gentle Dental ranks for 1,952 keywords. Here is the screenshot:
Since we began working on the project, the backlink profile has shown significant improvement and continues to drive the success of K9 Gentle Dental through high-quality backlinks. Please see the attached screenshot for reference.

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