Xtensio is a leading platform that helps teams quickly create, collaborate, share, and present documents. Over 350,000 consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, and educators trust Xtensio to build more competent documents and streamline workflow. However, this was not the scenario a few months back; this platform was all new in the market with relatively low traffic. They approached Glocians. As expected, their growth SKYROCKETED!


  • Challenge 1 – Driving traffic to a website with low stats and no rankings.

  • Challenge 2 – Their website had a low DA (Domain Authority) and TF (Trust Flow) even after working on the same for months.

  • Challenge 3 – Finding highly relevant keywords for a platform targeting the wrong keywords and audience. It had entered the market with a whole new concept.

  • Challenge 4 – Increasing brand awareness of a new platform with low DA and no rankings at all.


  • Solution 1 – We found the most relevant keywords to their niche and services using our extensive expertise.

  • Solution 2 – Built backlinks from highly authoritative and relevant websites to increase their DA, Trust Flow, website traffic, etc.

  • Solution 3 – Drove traffic to their website traffic by creating content that resonates with their users.

  • Solution 4 – Increased brand awareness using various techniques, channels, and platforms, including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.


Leveraging white hat SEO strategies, we made all the keywords rank on the first page in Google SERP. Here is the screenshot:
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  • Download the Monthly Performance Report hereDownload
Now Xtensio ranks for 31,700 keywords. Here is the screenshot:
The backlink profile started improving just after we started working on the project. Still, making Xtensio thrive through quality backlinks. Here is the screenshot:

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