Ask the Dentist

Ask the Dentist is one of the largest dental sites on the web, having millions of readers annually. Their goal is to help individuals optimize their dental health to unlock better health and well-being.

A dentist started this blog website in 2010 since no one talked about oral health’s importance to overall health. The latest scientific advancements in the oral microbiome and dental sleep medicine weren’t making it to the public.

Though this blog website had an ocean of knowledge, no one was visiting it. So, we did some magic, and the results are impressive!


  • Challenge 1 – The website was not getting traffic equivalent to the efforts.

  • Challenge 2 – The author was not using good and relevant images in the blog.

  • Challenge 3 – The website’s load time was not up to par, resulting in a higher bounce rate.

  • Challenge 4 – Ask the Dentist had zero backlinks, and all the content was not SEO optimized.


  • Solution 1 – Optimized load time by adding/removing plugins, correctly implementing the tags, and adjusting image sizes.

  • Solution 2 – Helped them target keywords in each blog and assisted them in writing SEO-friendly content for higher rankings.

  • Solution 3 – Integrated all the reliable performance tracking tools, including Google Search Console, GTM, GA4, etc.

  • Solution 4 – Minimized market competition by helping them design a website with a good structure and increasing website readability.

  • Solution 5 – Created high-quality backlinks, implemented a foolproof SEO strategy, and improved user experience on their website, resulting in higher rankings and increased traffic.


Leveraging experienced hands and creative minds, we designed and implemented a reliable strategy, resulting in the keywords ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Please see the screenshot for more deets: -
  • Download the Keywords Ranking Report hereDownload
  • Download the Monthly Performance Report hereDownload
Now Ask the Dentist ranks for 94,296 keywords. Here is the screenshot:
The backlink profile of Ask the Dentist started improving during the initial days and will continue to grow with our corresponding efforts. Here is the screenshot of the backlink profile: -

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