Xflippro is a brand that caters to the specific needs of fingerboarders. It has become the final destination for those who love a custom fingerboard. With high-quality services, an adequate digital marketing budget, and professional digital marketers, they’ve achieved this valuable position in the fingerboarding industry.

Do you know who those professionals are who helped this brand achieve this level of recognition? They are Glocians! Let’s find out more about the journey of success of Xflippro!


  • Challenge 1 – Make people recognize this new brand and purchase their products.

  • Challenge 2 – The website was brand new with low domain authority (merely 1) and trust flow.

  • Challenge 3 – Find relevant keywords for the brand and each product with moderate volume.

  • Challenge 4 – Drive traffic to a website with no published content, no products listed, and zero backlinks.


  • Solution 1 – Optimized the whole website, including metadata, site speed, image size, alt tags, etc. Uploaded products and images with decent resolution and size, keeping site speed and load time in mind. Integrated tools to measure success, such as GA4, Search Console, GTM, etc.

  • Solution 2 – Conducted thorough research and competitor analysis to find relevant keywords to their niche with moderate search volume using tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

  • Solution 3 – Built high-quality backlinks from highly authoritative websites to boost their domain authority. Added schema markup to the website for better crawling and indexing. Also, create quality content that resonates with users, provides them with knowledge, and seems attractive to search engines.

  • Solution 4 – Used various white hat SEO techniques, including skyscraper, digital PR, etc., to boost the overall website and drive quality traffic.

  • Solution 5 – Leveraged the potential of social media and popular bookmarking websites, including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc., to increase brand awareness.


We achieved what we promised with proven white-hat SEO strategies. The website started ranking for all the given keywords with moderate to high volume on the first page in Google SERP. Here is the screenshot:
  • Download the Keywords Ranking Report hereDownload
  • Download the Monthly Performance Report hereDownload
Now, Xflippro ranks for 434 keywords. Here is the screenshot:
The backlink profile of Xflippro started improving in the initial days; however, we still push it to make it achieve newer heights and become more prominent in the comparable industry. Here is the screenshot:

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