Top 10 Free Backlink Checkers to Enhance Website SEO

Ganesh Sharma

Team Glocify

The backlink is one SEO element that hasn’t been altered despite other changes. However, not all backlinks are profitable in the long run. So using reliable free backlink checkers is necessary to determine the health of your backlinks. 

The caliber and quality of backlinks pointing to a page or website are among the most important factors influencing search engine rankings. The greatest characteristics to get an advantage over your rivals in search engine optimization are backlinks.  

You need to have access to the best backlink tools as a result. With the aid of the best backlink checker, you can monitor the state of your backlink profile, spot fresh opportunities for link development, and learn about the strategies your rivals are using to build links.

What Is a Backlink in SEO?

An onward link pointing to your website from another website is called a backlink. Backlinks to your website function somewhat as votes in the perspective of search engines. More links to your website mean a better possibility of ranking higher in search results. Nearly all (92.3%) of the 100 top-ranking domains have at least one backlink.

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However, not every backlink is made equal. Large, reputable websites provide the finest backlinks. Links originating from dubious or spammy websites may pose a direct threat to your website.

The number 1 ranking page on Google tends to have 3.8 times more backlinks than pages ranking in positions 2-10. Developing a backlink plan comes next after installing an SEO WordPress plugin such as Yoast or All in One SEO and adhering to standard practices.

Although there are many ways to obtain backlinks to your website, the first step is always to use backlink sites to examine the backlink profiles of your competitors and your own websites.

Having stated that, let’s examine the top resources for monitoring backlinks on any website.

Top 10 Free Backlinks Tools 

There are a ton of free backlink checkers in the market. It could take some time to determine which is ideal for your website. Many backlink tools might be expensive and require a premium subscription to access functionality. Here’s where free backlink sites are helpful. Anyone, including office professionals and students, can use free backlink checker tools to improve their website’s rating. Below is a list of a few free backlink-checking tools: 

1. OpenLinkProfiler

open link profiler backlink checker

You have a number of options when using OpenLinkProfiler to keep an eye on the backlinks referring to your website. For example, Link Diagnosis offers thorough reports and optimizations and lets you evaluate backlinks for a certain page or the entire website. It also provides a number of extra features and outputs, such as:

  • Every five minutes, they refresh their library of links. 
  • The most recent hyperlinks are added to the database after it is completely refreshed each month.
  • Employs its web crawlers rather than depending on outside sources
  • The “Link Influence Score (LIS),” sometimes referred to as the link quality score, is calculated and applied by this tool.
  • Exports can have up to 200,000 links apiece per domain.

To see the most recent backlinks pointing to your website, use this free tool. A ‘.csv’ file containing 1,000 of the most recent backlinks is also available. It’s now easier than ever to examine backlinks pointing to your website with our free service.

2. SE Ranking Backlink Checker

se ranking free backlink checker

A complete SEO platform, SE Ranking brings all the tools you need together in one place. With the use of their robust Backlink Checker, digital marketers, and website owners may examine both their own and their competitors’ backlink profiles. With one of the largest backlink databases, SE Ranking offers precise information about a website’s backlink profile, including the quantity, quality, and referring domains of backlinks. Users may use the data to track their progress over time, evaluate the success of their current link-building tactics, and spot potential for new ones.

Among the features of the Backlink Checker are:

  • Tracking of lost and newly formed backlinks in dynamics
  • Calculating the link’s possible value using Page and Domain Trust metrics
  • Specifying the kind of link (text, picture, dofollow, or nofollow)
  • Verifying the dispersion of anchor text
  • Indicating the first and last times the link was viewed
  • Counting the URLs that end
  • Link distribution based on location
  • Using the Backlink Gap Analyzer to find fresh backlink opportunities

The SE Ranking Backlink Checker is an essential tool for any marketer or website owner looking to increase organic traffic and improve search engine ranks due to its user-friendly interface and simple design.

Additionally, SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial so you may check out the website’s other features, including the Backlink Checker, before opting to pay. Additionally, SE Ranking offers you a discount if you want to pay annually rather than on a monthly basis.

3. SEO SpyGlass

seo spyglass

SEO SpyGlass is a dashboard that includes all the tools required to build high-quality backlinks for backlink maintenance and research. There is, however, no cap on the number of domains that can be used to perform backlink research on your own and your competitor’s websites.

Among SEO SpyGlass’s features are:

  • If you require further information, there is an interface between Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • You can find new backlinks with the ‘Domain Comparison’ feature included on SpyGlass.
  • When you add a couple of your competitors, our free backlink checker identifies the domains where respective backlinks intersect. 

With the most robust analytics and the largest data store capacity on this list, SEO SpyGlass is the best choice for backlink maintenance and study. You may get your backlink data for free by using the SEO SpyGlass dashboard and connecting Google tools to SEO SpyGlass.

4. Google Search Console

google search console

Website administrators can enhance the functionality of their websites by using Google Search Console. No matter how long the list is, you can only see the first 1,000 results. No analytics or data are available on-site. Nevertheless, other free backlink checkers may be used to export and analyze the data. The most effective method for obtaining unprocessed backlink data from Google Search Console is to export it to SEO SpyGlass, where it can be examined and further investigated.

Features of the Search Console include:

  • You may only have up to 1,000 backlinks checked for each website you own.
  • You can access the Google Search Console performance report. This report includes a list of the queries used to rank your website and web pages.
  • An excellent technique to monitor how your rankings change as a result of optimization and on-site modifications is through the Search Console.

It can only be used for free website examinations. Google’s index of backlinks is one of the numerous site-quality dashboards that may be accessible once you’ve had your ownership recognized.

5. Ahrefs

ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs is a new addition to the collection of well-known free backlink checkers. You may view the top 100 backlinks to any domain or webpage with this free tool. By making an account with the service, you can receive an anchor text analysis and a backlink analysis of your website.

Ahrefs provides a detailed analysis of backlinks referring to any domain or website. The well-known Ahrefs backlink checker can display information like:

  • Releasing the corresponding number of links that are do-and no-follow
  • Domain Ranking (DR)
  • Removable or newly added backlinks

By analyzing the percentage of anchor text that links to your page, this tool can save you a great deal of work if the Penguin update causes poor SEO for your website. Ahrefs is a premium service, however, you can view what kind of links are pointing to your website with their free plan.

6. Seobility 

seobility free backlink checker

Seobility is an online SEO tool that helps create websites that are more durable and productive. You can conduct three backlink analyses per day and can only view 400 backlinks at a time. You will therefore simply notice the best hyperlinks when perusing the list, despite the fact that the quantity of backlinks you can see is restricted. With every link are extra parameters including link types, anchor texts, do-follow/no-follow attributes, and related URLs.

Among Seobility’s attributes are:

  • At the top is a brief summary of backlink profiles, including domain rating, total number of backlinks, best links, etc.
  • Content management and auditing are simple tasks.
  • Access to backlink checking tools is made accessible through a user-friendly dashboard.

There are two ways in which this tool can be utilized. The first step is to carefully examine your website for backlinks. In order to understand your competitors’ strategy, the second step is to swiftly examine their backlink profiles.

7. SEO Review Tool

seo review tool

The free SEO tool SEO Review aims to promote advancements in technology, work ethics, and processes across the board for the digital marketing industry. One of the best backlink analysis tools free available is SEO review, which helps users, website owners, small business owners, corporations, and start-ups spend less time researching. It gives you access to the following:

  • Content Analysis: See content analysis for further information. Check the ratio of text to HTML, headers, etc.
  • Meta Tags: Ask a website for a comprehensive list of its meta tags. View the keywords, properties, titles, and other details of the website.
  • Link Extractor: Retrieve links from your website using anchors, URLs, and the percentage of internal and external connections.
  • Use Speed Test: To make your website load faster, use a speed test to identify the parts of each page that load the slowest.
  • Consult an Expert: The system recognizes your shortcomings on its own and offers advice.
  • Website Review: Obtain a free, in-depth assessment of the website.

8. SEMrush

Most of the tools on this list work to entice users by allowing them to examine a limited number of the backlink tables before charging to view the whole set. SEMrush has taken a totally different course. There are no backlink listings, however it does share a tonne of backlink analytics. You can therefore freely browse the top-level content, but you would need to subscribe if you wanted to go deeper.

This is acceptable because the majority of other free backlink checkers lack high-level analytics, which is all but necessary. And there’s no shortage of SEMrush. In addition to backlink histories spanning more than five years, they provide more than a dozen tables and graphs that summarize your backlink profile, including backlinks by industry, region, top-level domain, attribute, type, anchor, and authority score.

SEMrush is an excellent tool for producing concise, eye-catching reports and getting a bird’s-eye perspective of the link-building efforts of both you and your rivals.

9. Backlink Watch

backlinck watch

The primary purpose of Backlink Watch is to snoop on rivals. You may find out about the overall amount of links, the anchor text that is utilized, the page rank, and more. It is also possible to sort links with dofollow or nofollow settings.

Backlink Watch is an invaluable backlink analysis tool free for learning about the web footprint of your rivals. Giving consumers extensive data to analyze and plan with, it provides information on page rank, anchor text variants, and the overall number of links.

Furthermore, the competitive analysis is made more detailed by the option to categorize links according to dofollow or nofollow properties, which enables users to concentrate on the link kinds that are most important for SEO.

An outstanding feature of the Backlink Watch is its cost-effectiveness. The tool is completely free, eliminating financial barriers for users seeking competitive intelligence. Additionally, there are no usage restrictions, enabling unlimited access for frequent monitoring.

10. Rank Signals

rank signals backlink checker

Rank Signals is indeed a valuable and one of the best free backlink sites that goes beyond merely counting backlinks. It offers a comprehensive analysis of external links, providing users with in-depth insights into a website’s overall online presence.

In addition to backlinks, Rank Signals evaluates a website’s social media impact. This includes the number of followers across various platforms, contributing to a more holistic understanding of its online influence. Users can access critical data such as the Alexa traffic rank and page rank. Additionally, this information aids in assessing the website’s popularity and authority on the internet, crucial factors for effective SEO strategies.

To unlock the full potential of Rank Signals, users need to create an account. This account makes accessing comprehensive reports easier, allowing for a more in-depth analysis of the backlink profile of the website.

Rank Signals is a complete tool that webmasters and SEO experts can use to analyze backlinks and evaluate websites in a variety of ways.

Wrapping it Up!

Using backlinks to your advantage is essential if you want to succeed on the internet. By giving you useful insights into your link profile and assisting you in improving your SEO methods, using the correct free backlink checkers can significantly improve the performance of your website. With a variety of capabilities, the top 10 free backlink checkers on our list may assist you in researching your competition, analyzing your links, and making wise decisions to improve your search engine rankings. You can boost your SEO and build a more powerful online presence in a quickly evolving digital environment by adding these free tools to your digital toolbox.

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