How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024 (7 Top Strategies)

Ganesh Sharma

Team Glocify

A mere fraction of users, less than 1%, make the effort to click beyond the first page of Google’s search results. While only some websites can secure a spot on the Google SERP, one question that echoes repeatedly across the internet is: How do these websites attain a coveted position on the first page of the Google SERP? Well, it’s none other than the power of high-quality backlink creation. The top-ranking websites on Google typically boast an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than position #2 in the SERP. The inbound links from authoritative sites captivate user attention and skyrocket the website’s online presence. 

In this exploration, we’ll unravel innovative strategies to decode and demystify the world of top-notch backlinks.

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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are hyperlinks that direct users from one webpage to another. Backlink creation is important in search engine optimization (SEO) as they are considered by search engines as indicators of a website’s authority, credibility, and relevance.

what are backlinks

The more quality backlinks a website has, the higher the ranking on the SERP. 

A recent study demonstrates that 92.3% of the top-ranking domains have at least one backlink. In addition to that, nearly 50% of the sites without any backlink never reached the first page of the SERP. 

 Some attributes contributing to backlinks quality are:

  • Authority Transfer: Backlinks gain value from strong pages, which contributes to higher authority. This authority correlation often leads to increased organic search engine traffic.
  • Relevance Significance: Links from websites within the same niche hold substantial value. Such links are more likely to provide users with high-quality, pertinent information.
  • Follow vs. Nofollow Dynamics: The distinction between follow and nofollow links is pivotal. Nofollow links instruct Google not to pass authority, while follow links play a crucial role in influencing rankings.
  • Strategic Placement: The visibility and strategic placement of a backlink on a webpage are critical. Prominently positioned Links tend to transfer more authority than those placed inconspicuously.
  • Targeted Destination: Building direct links to the specific page you want to highlight is highly regarded by Google’s ranking algorithm. Building direct links enhances the overall ranking of the targeted page.

Why are Backlinks Important For Websites?

importance of backlink creation

Backlinks play a crucial role in search engine optimization. 67.5% of SEO experts consider that backlinks impact overall SEO rankings. It enhances the overall online visibility of a website. 

The key reasons why quality backlink creation is important are:

  • Search Engine Ranking: Search engines use backlinks to assess the authority and relevance of a webpage. So, pages with high-quality backlinks lead to higher rankings in search results.
  • Website Authority and Trustworthiness: High-quality backlinks from authoritative websites contribute to establishing trustworthiness.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: Websites with more backlinks result in increased visibility. It increases organic traffic and improves search engine rankings.
  • Referral Traffic: Visitors clicking on backlinks from other websites contribute to an increase in your website’s traffic.
  • Credibility and Reputation: Quality backlinks from reputable sources enhance the website’s reputation. It positively impacts how users perceive your content.
  • Indexing and Crawling: Search engine bots use backlinks to discover and index new pages. So relevant content linked from reputable sites ensures that search engines crawl and index your web pages efficiently.
  • Competitive Advantage: Websites with a strong backlink profile provide a competitive advantage in the rankings. It targets a larger audience on the web.
  • Diverse Link Profile: Search engines consider a diverse and natural link profile favorable. It helps prevent penalties and contributes to a more robust SEO strategy.

Which Types of Backlinks are Valuable?


Here’s a breakdown of what kind of backlinks are valuable for your website:

  • Backlink creation from authoritative websites with high Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority carries more weight. It makes a backlink valuable. 
  • Backlinks from websites with contextual relevance to the niche are valuable.
  • Well-optimized anchor text embedded within the main content of a page adds value to the search engine rankings.
  • Backlinks from various sources, such as blogs and authoritative platforms, build a diverse link profile.
  • Editorial links, placed by website owners or content creators, are often more valuable than user-generated links.
  • The backlinks from social media platforms contribute to online visibility and brand recognition, making them valuable links.
  • High-quality and well-maintained pages enhance the value of the backlink.
  • Backlinks from local websites and directories can be especially valuable.

What Matters the Most: Backlink Quality or Quantity?

Acquiring high-quality backlinks is a key strategy for improving your website’s search engine rankings and driving organic traffic over time.

backlink quality or quantity

The debate between backlink quality and quantity is longstanding in SEO, and the answer often depends on various factors. Let’s explore the considerations for both:

Backlink Quality

High-quality backlink creation from authoritative, reputable websites contributes significantly to the website’s authority and trustworthiness. It substantially impacts search engine rankings and reinforces the website’s thematic authority.

Backlink Quantity

Generating more backlinks can lead to increased visibility and broader link diversity. However, building low-quality backlinks results in spammy or irrelevant backlinks, which risks penalties from search engines.

Top 7 Strategies to Get High-Quality Backlinks

way to success

Create Exceptional & High-Quality Content

Develop exceptional and high-quality content that your audience is looking for and that stands out in your niche. Link more domains to your content, as more backlinks means higher ranking and more traffic. 

About 90% of marketers are estimated to use high-quality content as the core strategy for building links. High-quality content captivates, informs, and engages with the audience and naturally attracts links from other websites. When your audience notices you as a reliable source, they are likelier to engage with and share your content. It showcases your expertise, builds trust among your audience, and establishes credibility. 

Build Links with Infographics

Building links with infographics is a powerful strategy that combines visual appeal with informative content. Choose a relevant topic and use vibrant colors, clear fonts, and relevant imagery to enhance the overall aesthetics. Infographics address common challenges and present valuable insights to draw the audience’s attention. It provides exposure to a larger audience and potential backlinks.

Ensure Guest Posting on Valuable Websites

Guest posting is a time-tested strategy for valuable backlink creation. Identify high-authority websites and establish a relationship before pitching your guest post. Avoid generic topics and create unique and value-driven content that provides actionable insights. Once the guest post is published, share it on social media channels. Keep track of the performance of your guest post, including the number of views, comments, and social shares. It builds long-term relationships and can lead to ongoing opportunities for collaboration.

Utilize Broken Link Building

Broken link building is all about finding outdated links on reputable websites. Find backlinks and fix the broken links. It improves the user experience for their audience and enhances the website’s overall quality and credibility. Strategically addressing broken links enhances website authority and increases the chances of gaining high-quality backlinks. 

Build a Solid Internal Linking Structure

Building a solid internal linking structure requires a strategic approach and ongoing optimization. It connects different website pages and guides users and search engines to relevant content. It influences how search engines perceive the importance of each page. Moreover, a solid internal linking structure improves website navigation, enhances user experience, and provides search engines with a clear understanding of content hierarchy.

Establish Genuine Relationships For Backlink Creation

Engage with influencers, bloggers, and website owners through social media, forums, and industry events to establish genuine relationships. Share your expertise through blog posts, podcasts, or speaking engagements. Contribute meaningfully to discussions, share insights, and establish yourself as a valuable member. You can build long-lasting relationships that contribute to the success of your backlink creation efforts by fostering connections within your industry.

Replicate Competitor’s SEO Backlinks

Replicating your competitor’s SEO backlinks provides valuable insights for building relationships within the industry. You can utilize backlink analysis tools to gather comprehensive data on competitor’s backlinks.

Key Tips For Sustainable and Effective Link-Building 

A well-balanced approach contributes to a sustainable and effective link-building strategy. Take a look at the key tips for link building.

  • Analyze Competitor’s Backlink Profile: Analyze your competitor’s backlink profile to understand the types of websites linking to them. Looking at such backlink creation patterns will help you build an effective link-building strategy. 
  • Prioritize High-Quality Backlinks: Prioritize to replicate or buy high quality backlinks from reputable and authoritative sources within your industry. It positively contributes to building a strong online presence.           
  • Create Comparable Content: Analyze the content on your competitor’s site that attracts high-quality backlinks. Check backlinks and develop more comprehensive, valuable, or up-to-date content to attract backlinks from similar sources.
  • Engage in Industry Conversations: Participate in industry forums, discussions, or social media platforms where your competitors have gained backlinks. Engage with the community, share insights, and showcase your expertise to increase the likelihood of obtaining similar backlinks. It contributes to improving backlinks SEO.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Scrutinize the effectiveness of the strategies regularly. Be ready to adapt to the changes based on the competitive landscape or search engine algorithms.


High-quality backlink creation remains a cornerstone for achieving and maintaining a prominent position on the first page of Google’s search engine results. It elevates rankings, establishes website authority, and provides a competitive advantage. By adopting innovative strategies, understanding the evolving search engine algorithms, and staying attuned to industry trends, businesses can navigate the link-building complexities to achieve sustained success. 



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