Top 10 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes

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Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes

Isn’t it a cool Meme?


You can send these memes to your friend and look cool! 

Memes are the new and fun way to talk! 

BUT WAIT! Not everyone is looking at them for being cool and funny in chat boxes, few are seeing them as MODERN GOLDMINES!

Did you know –The “Disaster Girl” meme sold for around $430,000 as an NFT.

Expected to reach $6.1 billion by 2025, the Meme industry is the new arena for creative minds to prove their talent and make money.

Coming back to our topic, where can we find such awesome memes???

People wonder how others get those hilarious memes, but they don’t find them anywhere!

Do you think the same?

Let me tell you one thing; those people know a few websites for GIFs & memes.


I know that’s your reaction. Mine was similar when this came to the fore. Today, I am gonna unleash those websites from where your cool buddies steal so-called perfect GIFs & memes (Shh..don’t tell anyone, these websites have even better).

So, let’s get started!

What are GIFs?

Before we delve deep into this listing of 10 websites for finding perfect GIFs & memes, let’s have an overview of GIFs  (I know that’s boring…no one loves reading, but still…).

Mr. Steve Wilhite designed the first-ever GIF in 1987. GIF (stands for Graphic Interchange Format) is an animation based on timed delays. Also, they are set in a coil, and a touch will make them more enjoyable.

Stephen Wilhite

What are Memes?

Here comes the introduction of your favorite thing, yes, you guessed it right ~ memes. So, what are memes (that make you laugh) according to books?

Memes are images, videos, or text (typically humorous) spread quickly across social media platforms, with slight variations. But memes don’t need to be used for entertainment purposes only. They are beneficial in growing your business as well. A great example of this is Meme Marketing which is typically used to target a teenage audience.

Surprising Stats of GIFs and Memes

Before we proceed further, let’s take a glance at the most interesting stats of GIFs and Memes:-

  • More than one million memes are shared by Instagram users daily.
  • 60% of all memes are political (in nature).
  • Every day, an average millennial looks at 20-30 memes.
  • A meme campaign has a 14% higher CTR than email marketing.
  • Meme” is a more popular search term than “Jesus”—doubly so!


Facts from Business POV:-

  • With 60% organic engagement than conventional marketing graphics, memes have ten times more reach.
  • More than 60% of individuals say they would relatively buy from a brand that includes memes in their marketing strategy.
  • The click-through rate of an average marketing campaign is approximately 6%, while meme marketing has roughly 19%.
  • In 2020, the global meme industry was estimated at $2.3 billion and is expected to grow to $6.1 billion by 2025.


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Are GIFs and Memes Versatile?

No one knows it, so let’s understand it now!

A great thing about GIFs and memes is one available for every moment. Indeed, you would not use kitten memes GIFs in a crucial commercial presentation. But you could generate stunning visualization content that perfectly showcases your data. An example of such a GIF is sown below:

stunning visualization content


Beyond business presentations, you can also use GIFs in emails and on social media platforms. A popular way to drive more clicks to your website is by using GIFs in your emails or direct message (if it is a bit of informal chatting). They are engaging and demanding some interaction. Dell’s research has found that GIF’s power can make a big difference, such as

  • Boosting your open rates by 6 percent  
  • Increasing your click rates by 42 percent  
  • Driving a 103 percent increase in your conversion rates
  • Growing your business revenue by 109 percent 

Importance of Using GIFs in Business Settings

It’s time to get serious (that’s something for your business).

On a serious note, GIFs and memes are a form of content that you can use strategically for marketing and fun. For any business, GIFs and memes can be practical tools to demonstrate your company’s culture and drive more traffic by appealing to your clients looking for authenticity and rightfulness.

External Use 

Fifty-five percent of creators say sharing or creating visual content is their priority. Similar to live recordings and videos, GIFs to convey your ideas offer your viewers a visual range that is more fascinating than text-only content.

For example, when people hear some data, they usually remember only 10 percent of the entire information after three days. However, pairing a similar image will allow them to retain nearly 65 percent of the full information after three days.

In addition, using GIFs and Memes on your social media accounts effectively catches your potential customer’s attention. Whether it is a blogging platform, Twitter, or Instagram, sharing visual content like GIFs and Memes as your post will be helpful to your business. 

Internal Use 

On the internal level, bartering GIFs during a conversation or including them in a presentation will help you with everyday business processes. Adding some quirkiness during seminars or meetings will make your employees more satisfied and engaged. In addition, it will only hurt you to send a quick laugh or smile once you get too carried away.

10 Amazing websites for GIFs & memes

Here comes the most awaited thing; the websites where you’ll get the perfect memes and GIFs to share with your friends. Check out these worthy and great websites for GIFs and Memes now!


Memedroid is a source of high-quality images and GIFs featuring moderation and ranking systems. Comparatively seeking, it is beneficial for well-published content. Memedroid posts updates daily. In addition, the platform also updates the list of the best memes, memes of the day, memes of the week, and memes of the month. But the platform would be better if it introduced more search filters.


Know Your Meme 

Obtained in 2011 by the Cheezburger Network, Know Your Meme specializes in viral phenomena documents, research, and Internet memes. As the name signifies, it’s a huge library you can gather more data on the memes and GIFs you are using. The content on Know Your Meme mainly involves an extensive range of images, memes, GIFs, short videos, and news. In addition, registered users can also send memes and GIFs to Know Your Meme. So, if you want to discover more memes or GIFs, head toward the Meme section.



9gag is a global-level social media platform that creates and shares funny and trendy images, memes, GIFs, and short videos. Moreover, it also encourages user-generated platforms and allows its users to comment on others’ posts. Memes and GIFs on 9gag include several categories that mainly include popular Funny, Animals, Car, Anime & Manga, Gaming, Meme, and Cosplay sections. You can also go through the “Liked Section” and scroll further to browse new and popular pictures, memes and GIFs, and short videos.



Ifunny is an assemblage of funny images, memes, and GIFs. Netizens can browse and even upload new memes over this platform, leave comments on other users’ posts, like their posts, save their positions to their local disk, and share the content with other users. iFunny has several types of meme catalogs, which mainly involve Food, WTF, Games, Comic, Animals, Sports, and iFunny Originals. iFunny is supported by several mobile operating systems and owns many users (mainly young people).



Imuger is among the most visited photo hosting websites across the internet. With more than millions of visits daily, Imgur is a reliable source for cybercitizens to find and share memes and GIFs instantly. This platform is a promised land of viral and trendy animations, memes, and GIFs. Above that, Imgur provides an instant tool as well to users to create memes and share or upload images from other sources. Due to its interactive features, cybercitizens can vote, comment, and share memes on other social media platforms.



Seven billion GIFs and memes are shared on GRIPHY daily. This is done to ensure that GIFs and Memes are available on this platform at all times. Also, it turns more accessible for the platform to offer Memes and GIFs to its users.



We cannot go without saying Tumblr, as this platform is like an ocean full of GIFs and memes. It is also possible for you to find different GIFs if you search them by the specific topic you want. In addition, you can follow the profiles that you share frequently. You can use this way to easily access your current GIFs.



Founded in 2019, Humotnama fundamentally offers image memes and GIFs relevant to TV shows, politics, Bollywood movies, and trends online. It’s an Indian entertainment website that focuses on humorous buzz. Apart from memes and GIFs, Humotnama updates articles and news behind memes.


Top Fifty Memes 

Top Fifty Memes is a specialized platform that curates Reddit’s 50 best memes daily. It seizes content using meme-based catalogs and subreddits of popular anime daily based on upvotes and popularity. In addition, Top Fifty Memes will give you access directly to the initial post and every chosen meme. So, maintain track of all popular and up-to-date memes and GIFs on Top Fifty Memes from Reddit.

Top Fifty Memes 


Reddit has several memes and GIF subreddits for different or comprehensive memes. Some popular subreddits for cool memes and GIFs are /r/dank_meme/, /r/memes/, /r/meme/, /r/okbuddyretard/, and /r/dankchristianmemes/. These subreddits mainly contribute to several viral phenomena and feature fast updates.


A Final Note

We came to the final closure of this write-up very fast (i think); let me know if you want some more websites; the word limit told me to do that (literally).

As you know, GIFs and Memes allow users to express their emotions as they have images full of emotion. But several people out there are bored of using the same meme repeatedly. That’s why we have researched and found some fantastic websites for GIFs and Memes.

Here’s a twist…

What will you say if we tell you that you can make GIFs? In the above list, we have mentioned a platform where you can easily make GIFs and Memes (read the article to find that impressive tool). Thanks for reading!



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